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The Wisconsin Vein Center was developed as a center of excellence for the dedicated treatment of vein disorders. Focusing on treating vein disease has allowed the Wisconsin Vein Center and its staff, to utilize the newest technologies, stay abreast of the latest advancements, and provide the most compassionate and quality patient care possible within an outpatient setting. We treat you as members of our own family.

Leanna Beaumont is Now Certified as a Registered Phlebology Sonographer (RPHS)!

The Registered Phlebology Sonographer ( RPhS ) credential was developed to recognize technologists, physicians, and nurse practitioners who have special skills performing venous examinations with minimally-invasive techniques, mostly duplex and color duplex ultrasound. Candidates must document extensive training and experience performing venous examinations and knowledge of venous disorders. They must pass a lengthy certification examination as a final phase in this specialized certification. Leanna Beaumont is one of a small number of health care providers who have earned this credential. The RPhS certification is unique in that it is the only certification devoted to venous diagnostic testing. Duplex ultrasound is also used in various vein treatments.
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